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    Im having a strange problem... Im working with the Qu-24 (tryed firmwares 1.73 and 1.82) using 20 channels, and using Logic Pro X 10.0.7 to record.

    However, suddently in the recording appears an strange noise, like a distortion and finally stops recording, missing the communication with the Qu (appears a message on the screen). It happens randomly, may happen after 15 minute recording or after 1 hour. To restart recording is necessary to take out the usb cable and put it back again, this way the Logic can recognize the device back.
    Sometimes it doesn`t happens in the day of use. And sometimes the communication stops without the recording beeing active, only monitoring.

    And using the usb port sometimes stops automatically too. My HD is usb 3.0 and the Qu indicates that I have 8 hours of recording, but suddently stops.

    Normally I use it for periods of 5-6h in 2 days of each week. Eventually for 10h, but for 2 days in the month only.

    I already tryed to exchange the usb cable 3 times, the Macbook (one is middle 2010 and the another is middle 2012, both with ssd drives) and, in the case of the usb port, recording directly from the Qu, one external HD and an usb pendrive. It can be a fisical problem inside the Qu?

    Thanks for helping

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    You’re recording on the Mac or locally on the Qu using QuDrive functionality or both in parallel?
    If you’re recording on the Mac/Logic, I’d record on the internal drive (SSD in your case), otherwise all data needs to trave twice through USB and I doubt the MacBook has separate USB controllers for its ports.

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    Both, in parallel. In the Qu I record the first 18 channels separately , and in the Logic I record the 20 channels. The strange thing is that both fails. Ive tried everything i could and nothing resolved this situation. An the problem is that my events (musical) are getting lost. In some cases the solution that im doing is to use parts of both to re-construct the full presentation, but it is crazy. I spend a lot of time doing it…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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