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    Hey folks!

    I was going through the signal flow block (PG 130 of the firmware rev 1.8 notes,) and noticed that width mode comes *before* that post-preamp pickoff. …which kind of sucks. For instance, say I have a stereo keyboard part I want to collapse for a particular song, or automate image in some way, it means both my recording is affected along with any other tie line splits, (in this case a broadcast desk,) in a very destructive way. Is there some reason that pickoff can’t be altered slightly so it comes directly after post-preamp and before Deep Preamp? IE INPUT PATCH–Polarity–(post-preamp pickoff)–Width–Deep Preamp…

    It does mean you have to l/r swap whatever is taking that pickoff, (Or set to m/s, inverted polarity L for Broadcast desk, etc.) but removes the potential for bodging up a good recording.

    …unless I’ve misunderstood completely? Is it just the mode that gets sent @ pickoff and not necessarily the actual “width?”

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    Mark Oakley

    Why not test it? Hook up a stereo source to two inputs, look at the meters on your DAW, then manipulate the width control and see if it affects the Daw tracks.


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    Any reason you’re not using VSC for your recording feeds?


    @ Mark, I was out of town, hadn’t had a chance to test, but yeah: just confirmed it’s only the actual Mode menu that appears to affect the pickoff, not the width percentage.

    @ Mr. X – Since we are running a Dante network and need to tie multiple systems redundantly together it made a lot more sense to use Tie Lines as opposed to VSC. (For one, it protects against some idiot just hitting a button and bodging up all the routing suddenly.) The pickoff point is the same regardless of which approach is used.

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    I would be very surprised (and upset) if the VSC pick-off point were anything other than immediately after the preamp. Would make no sense whatsoever for it to be anywhere else.
    (Same goes for tie lines)

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    So what did you find?

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