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    Arche Winti

    I’m the maintech in our church, we have several musicians and techs who find allways some ways to knock out ilive all the time!!
    Famious one: Push in scene “Safe” (i will store my preset…) and activate “set all”, afterwards the claim, when the scene loading have no effect and i have to come to church to repair the ilive!

    So please, i need desperatelly some more posibilities for deactivations in the USER-Setup area:
    deactivation of SAFE in the scene menue
    deactication of editbutton in the scene menue
    deactivation of store all in the scene menue
    (then they only can store to my prepared band scenes with only a few storable parameters, unfortunatelly when you make STORE ALL, all your programming in the scene edit is gone.)

    Second big bad thing:
    The App Mixpad have only Admin rights. the Techs can destroy my perfect setup with a few cklicks to the routings, even when they don’t realize that!
    Also here, i need a login with another username-> same usernames as in the ilive.

    Altenative way: Allow, that the onemix app can controll also the master bus, not only aux-busses.

    the rest is perfect for our church.

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    You can set up different users on the iLive for the mixpad to use and restrict their rights to only be able to do the things you want to allow them to do. If you password your admin then they can’t get into it and can only get into the user logins they have passwords for.

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    Does this work differently than GLD remote? With GLD, it doesnt matter what restrictions you impose on a user locally, logging in remotely (editor or app) as ANY user gives complete admin rights regardless of the permissions associated with that user. This is keeping me from plugging the GLD into a network at all! The permissions only apply when working locally at the desk.

    The problem is that if a one mix user downloads the remote app, there is nothing stopping them from using the password they know to use for one mix to gain admin control of the entire GLD. Sure, I suppose this would be malfeasance, but kids are kids I guess.

    I completely agree that 1) the app should respect the user permissions established At the desk (why would someone expect anything else?) and 2) you should be able to configure, then hide the global scene safe and even the recall filter as part of the permissions scheme.

    I’m using a couple of scenes right now to recall specific setups for weekly events and I’m just praying that nobody gets tap happy… Im so paranoid that I store the show each Sunday, and copy that stored show to a usb drive that I keep in a locked drawer. All this because I don’t want my weekly iem mix changes to creep back to the previous week (or all the way back to when the scene was created) when they recall the ‘awana’ scene on Wednesday night. I have safes set up so that this SHOULDNT happen, but the ‘all’ safe button in the safes menu will easily wipe out my delicate exclusion scheme with a single tap and there is no way to hide this menu at this time. Even the addition of a confirmation dialog when editing safes would be welcome (kinda how you can add a confirmation dialog when trying to store/write a scene in the options menu). Then at least I could get safes set up, turn on the confirmaion and have some additional barrier for wandering fingers…

    -Brian D.

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    Nicola A&H

    You can set up different users on the iLive for the mixpad to use and restrict their rights to only be able to do the things you want to allow them to do.

    This is not accurate. The User Permissions on both iLive and GLD only apply to the desk. MixPad / GLD Remote will require the user password if one is set, but once logged in they won’t follow the User Permissions i.e. they have unrestricted access.

    A workaround is to use the OneMix app. You can dedicate a Stereo Aux to your house PA so that an operator with OneMix will be able to control the FoH mix with limited access according to the permissions set within the app. However as Brian notes above this won’t stop malicious attempts to use the full app once the user login is shared.

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