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    FIRMWARE UPDATE SUGGESTION. PLEASE COMMENT This is driving me absolutely nuts. D Live has this feature, I don’t know if Avantis does or not yet. Every other desk in any price range has this feature on it. But SQ does not. When we do or do not have the appropriate rack attached to the desk, a greyed out box will appear in the IO tab showing what is or is not available to patch. This is a good thing. So why can’t this same idea, or one similar to the verbiage in D Live, when patching available inputs and outputs that are already assigned to prevent overwriting an existing patch? Instead it eagerly and wihtout warning overwrites a patch.
    Example: . I have 2 SQ6. One in FOH and one in MON world. FOH has 2nd S Link in the io port. MON has Dante Card in io port. Single GX4816. FOH S Link to GX4816. FOH io Card to Mon S Link. The method of connecting all this is correct.

    So in this scenario I have to use tie lines and dante extensively. I have talk back mics at each desk that need routed to the other desks. I have Dante that needs to go everywhere. And local io that needs to go everywhere. So patching is really complex. I have overwritten patches so many times and the desk doesn’t warn you, doesn’t tell you that port is patched, or grey it out.Since theire isnt a aster patch overview page or overlays frmo different layers or event verbiage. C’mon gentlemen, PLEASE make that simple feature, already sortof in the desk and already in D Live in the firmware. This is really really hard to deal with. Anyone else think this should be a feature?

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    overwrite or delete some patching points is very easy..
    Some kind of warning would be great.
    And in the setup menu a box to disable this warnings for those who want the “hot patching” as it is actually….

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    My goodness A & H friends this really needs to get fixed. I have spent more time searching for where an overwrite happened this is really frustrating. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make the patch screen grey out a box or have a popup warn you that box is patched somewhere else. PLEASE. Sending things down tie lines from Dante and local form one desk to another and then some of those things back down, the patching is ridiculous and when you don’t get warned somehting is already patched there you spend more time searching that working. Its frustrating enough to NOT do digital splits.

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    no silly warnings please,
    this will make patching a time consuming mess

    and btw in 1.5 there is a PatchButton available to prevent from unwanted patching

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    For info (I don’t remember with previous version) in 1.5 firmware on I/O screen look the in/out socket at the upper screen : They are displayed with “light grey” background colour when they are not patched at anyway. When they are patched at least in one place they are dark grey.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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