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    Hi all – first post. Love the ME-1s. But we seem to be seeing problems overwriting presets that have group membership modifications.

    I don’t have an exact repro handy, but the general problem reproduces like this:

    1) Save a preset that contains a group assigned to one of the keys. E.g. a group with inputs 1, 2, 3.
    2) Change the members of the group to inputs 4,5,6.
    3) Overwrite the preset saved at step 1.
    4) Recall the preset written at step 3 and look at the members of the group.

    Result: The group only contains inputs 1,2,3 – not 4,5,6 like you expected.

    I have seen this overwriting both internal presets and presets saved to USB. It seems if I save to a new preset location that does not contain a group on that key (internal) or to a new named preset (USB), the group membership saves correctly.

    Anyone else seen this behavior? Of course we’re on the latest firmware. Thanks!

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    My success rate copying presets from one button to another is low. 🙂 I have also have had no success copying from a usb key onto a button succesfully either. Maybe there is something in common with problems you are describing and what I am trying to do. I use a lot of group stuff.

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    Nicola A&H

    Just so you are aware, this bug was fixed in ME-1 firmware V1.11.

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    Thanks. I just saw that the other day and will update all my ME1’s !

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