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    Hey A&H Folks,

    I have the Avantis from my local Dealer for Testing Purposes. It’s the actual Firmware with Basic Showfile. I Added some Multitracks and began to play a bit arround, making some mixes, just a lot of the basic stuff.

    First of All: It’s a great mixer, with great potential, a crystal clear sound, good overview and some really nice handy tools to work with, just i got used to it with A&H Mixers.

    But: I’ts still noch, where it could be!

    First: As I mentioned in a other post, a lot of Userkeys is a nice idea, but only, if you can add some usefull and real cool functions to them. What I can choose at the moment ist even not the basic stuff, compared to other mixers on the market. More flexibel and interesting buttons are necery! For expample: Nice Idea to make the two screens separatable usable, bad idead to not give the second operator some userkeys to copy/paste/reset …. A “Home” Button would be nice. All the menue BUttons, like listen, Options, Setup, etc. should be there. Buttons wich enable you to toggle between Pream/Filter/Gate/Comp/Geq are totaly necesarry! Without that, all the costum Userbuttons are nearly to useless….

    Second: I expierenced a lot of Lag on several parts of the UI. The worst was the copy/Paste wich ist nearly impossible, if you wan’t to do it in a fluid and fast movement. The Mixer reacts much to slow… It lags with the grafix, and of course, sound is first priority, but if I’m in a hurry (normaly with the second opener wich only has 15min for soundcheck on 20 lines…) the mixer should keep up. A second point, where to find this lag: the “tap tempo” wich sometimes blinks, sometimes not, sometime it even hides completely…. (never blinks up) … It looks like, the refreshingrate of the LED in the Userbuttons is out of sync with the software…

    So don’t get me wrong: It’s already a great mixer, and I think it will be in the budget für late summer this year! But: Only if I see advancement with this two issues, cause at the current state, I can stay with my GLD, just becaus I’m fast enough with it, where I miss the fitting Buttons on the Avantis.

    It would be nice, if someone of the team has some words to my thoughts, or anybody else who experienced same oder similar things with the avantis.

    And: keep up that good work!

    Kind regards, and rock’n’roll


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