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    Searched AH community and didn’t see this posted yet. Does anyone else have issues with OneMix losing your settings? Logged in tonight and some of my channels were doubled and about half were missing entirely on my custom layers. Found 1 other post on FB that associated this issue with the demo mode (which I actually clicked accidently tonight). It has happened to me twice in the last week, but I can’t remember if I hit demo mode the last time or not.

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    Anyone have an answer on this? Ive encountered the same issue.

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    Same problem here.

    e.g. Where input channels in the Demo are stereo pairs (e.g. 7 and 8), _and_ they are mono channels in the MixRack config, then loading the Demo reconfigures channels 7 and 8 as stereo in OneMix. When subsequently reconnecting to the MixRack there are two strips for channel 7 in OneMix – and no control over channel 8. Have to log back in to OneMix as Admin and re-establish the correct OneMix config.

    Otherwise have to tell the talent to _never_ go into Demo mode — and they inevitably want to do that as they become familiar with OneMix.

    Currently running Firmware 1.87, with OneMix 1.9 in 1.8 compatibility mode.
    Is this fixed in Firmware 1.94, or will it be an ongoing issue?


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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