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    Hi folks,
    I have four mics on one instrument. I want to send those to both a summed mono output to the FOH as well as sending the summed output to individual mix outs (to in-ears).

    Can I use a group for that? Can I submix into a group and then have the Group be both a dedicated xlr Group output and also have that group feeding into mixes? I’m a bit confused by the block diagram in the manual. I have a QU-PAC with an ar2412 expander. I’m moving from a QU-16 so still trying to wrap my head around groups.

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    You should be able to – don’t have the manual in front of me whilst travelling, but there is normally no limitation on the number of outputs you can use.

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    Mike C

    There’s a couple ways to achieve what you want, at least as I understood your question.
    As for the groups,you do not want to assign any channel to a group and to the left right main mix at the same time that group is assigned to the left right main mix. You would need to go to the channel and turn off the left right assignment. If both the channel the and group are assigned to the left right mix there is a slight phase shift due to the slight difference in latency through the group routing.

    If the groups are routed only to other outputs and not the left right mix then your OK.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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