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    Hi there,

    We’re obviously missing something, and I’m hoping you can tell me what it is.

    I have a brand new T-112 with an IDR48 as the Master and an IDR32 Slave. All devices have been set with static IP addresses as follows and can be pinged from a laptop on the network: Hostname: iLive-T112 Surface Hostname: (None) Screen Hostname: iLive-MixRack48 Hostname: iLive-MixRack32

    The default gateway, DNS, and domain name are also set appropriately. As you might be able to see from my account, I’m a network engineer, and I made sure this was all done to proper network specifications for our church. 🙂

    In any case, we have the following physical connections, as per “Method 1” in the getting started guide:

    T112-ACE to IDR48-ACE
    IDR48-PortB-ACE1 to IDR32-ACE
    IDR48-Network3 to IDR32-Network3
    T112-Network(RJ-45) to Managed Church Network Switch

    We power up the surface and it sees both MixRacks. Everything in utility-network-dual looks good. It sees both as being the same firmware revision (1.94 if I recall?). It registers them as the correct hostnames and the correct model numbers.

    We then exit Utility and go to Pre-Amp. We click the dropdown for the module source. We see iLive-MixRack48, but do not see iLive-MixRack32. If I select “ACE Port B”, we are prompted for a channel between 1-64. But if I select iLive-MixRack48, I get a prompt for a Bank and Port number.

    How do we get a prompt for iLive-MixRack32’s bank and port numbers? Did we miss a step?


    Paul and Carole

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    Nicola A&H

    Hi Paul,

    Have you set up Dual MixRack mode (Utility / Dual MixRack Setup / Add Slave)?
    Have a look at this video, and for more Dual Rack gotchas there’s an Understanding guide here.

    Hope this helps.

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    I watched this video and read the article before posting to the forum. My specific question is this: in the video, it shows screen shots during minute 2. At 2:15, there is a screen shot showing the dropdown box under Source Select/Device. It does not show the idr slave rack. Then at 2:17 a key is pressed or a button is pressed or something that changed the devices listed in the drop down menu. What makes the dropdown menu change?

    Thank you,

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    in the video they change the input selection from CH1 to Input CH65 at 2:16

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    Okay, I finally found it. My issue came from trying to assign a socket from the slave rack to a channel on the surface that was less than 64. You have to set the input channel number to higher than 64 before you can assign it a socket from the slave mix rack. I wasn’t placing any value in the channel number assigned to the strip on the console. Thanks for the help, I finally found my error!

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