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    I’ve just bought a qu-24. I’ve already figured how to record multitracked in garagaband (over usb b).
    Now I want to play the different tracks again and control them with the qu24.
    When recorded from input 24, i want that signal back in channel 24.
    For now garageband returns all tracks in stereo to channels 1 en 2 on my qu.

    Is it possible to return each track signal back to the channel on qu?
    If yes: how do I do that? Where do I have wrong setting?


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    I dont use garage band software so my answer will be generic…

    What you post says is garage band is summing all the tracks to a stereo pair…

    This is normal behavior for most basic daw systems as your end result will be a stereo pair output to cd most likely, and the all believe all mixing should be done in thier software as its the best or so they think…

    What you need to do is look at the routing of the tracks…it’s a software mixer…

    Ex. Track one will show output to master
    This means the track is routed to the master fader (track)

    What you want is to mute the stereo pair (master tracks)
    Then rout each track instead of to master to the return channel on the mixing board…then on that channel on the board you need to select USB for input…

    Garage band may use different terms, but hopefully this will get you going…

    Btw there are some very nice daw’s cheap or free out there…if garage band is giving you issues…

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    Downloaded mulab. I can route to the correct channels with this software. But it isn’t free. As garageband ships with osx.
    In GB I can’t find any menu option for outputpatching.

    Still I’ve seen videotuts of qu that use garageband, back and forth.

    Any thoughts?

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    I don’t have the QU with me right now, nor do I use GarageBand, so this is really just a guess to get which I hope will get you going in the right direction.

    Plug in the desk to you computer then open up “Audio MIDI Setup” (this may be in “applications – utilities”

    You should see the desk on the left.

    Then look for “Audio MIDI” in garageband’s preferences and select “multi output device” as the he output.

    Exactly how you proceed from here, I can’t be sure, but you should be on your way!

    Good luck 🙂

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    Nicola A&H

    Hi Wolkmaan,

    I believe GarageBand does not support multichannel outputs. Reaper or any other DAW would do.

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