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    I love the QU, I have 5 now and will have a 6th in a month or so but you really need to work on having multiple ipads on foh, it would be so valuable in training techs not to mention with shows with complicated sound cues.
    Thank you A&H

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    I can think of a number of different use cases where this would be very helpful. Even if some of the items or devices attached were read-only, but had configurable views.

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    Even if some of the items or devices attached were read-only

    You can use the USB-B (port) into a mac/PC to get views of different Tabs.
    I have just been experimenting with this (Locasl anolog in) using the Reaper software.
    In fact you can get different reverbs/delays/chorus’s for different channels coming back (USB-B Streaming) into your desk say on ST1/2/3
    That works well and I used to do that with the GSR24m in a live situation.
    I tried the pitch shifting however the latency was too much although you could add harmonies. octaves above and below.

    food for thought

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    There is probably a thread about this and I did search and look…
    Is there a copy past function in QU-Pad for the likes of copying GEQ from mix to mix?
    I couldn’t find one.
    Is there?
    Have I missed something?

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    Hold copy, tap the geq button, then paste and select the mix you want it replicated to…

    Probably, I’ve not checked 😉

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    Almost correct 🙂 paste using mix channel’s Sel keys.

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    That’s what I meant by “select”, but yes – I could easily have been much clearer 😉

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    Thanks for the reply.
    I have no problem using the actual desk
    But I am talking about the iPad.
    There are basically 2 pages to the iPad
    I can not find the copy button anywhere? on the iPad.

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