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    I imagine this is not as much of a problem in the 112, but it would be nice to have a few extra fader layers on the GLD-80. There really aren’t enough slots to even place all the possible faders, which means picking and choosing what you can control. Even a couple or three of extra layers on each side would be helpful. Activation of additional layer so could be implemented three ways: on screen, soft keys, or (preferred) with 2 button combinations, such as A/B, B/C, C/D. Of course, A/D, A/C, and B/D could be used too, but that might get a little confusing. Having a total of 7 layers on each side would allow not only for all available faders to be placed, but would allow for more convenient input channel grouping when using higher channel counts. For instance, a typical setup for me might be 1-8 for drums, 9 for bass, guitars 10-19, keys 16-19, aux instruments 20-26, choir 27-34, vocals 35-40, speech 40-44, tracks 45-48. I could group these far more logically with 7 layers than with 4. Now, sections are typically either split between layers, or arranged in an order that makes no sense.

    Thanks for the consideration.

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    Last I looked 12×4=48. That’s the left side of a GLD 80. The right side is 8×4=32.

    That’s 80 positions.

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    Between inputs, outputs, dcas and effects, there are far more than 80 faders assignable. With all input faders assigned, there are 2 slots left on the left bank. On the right bank,
    A: 8 DCA
    B:8 Mono Mix
    C: 4stereo mix, 2 matrix, FOH Stereo, FOH Mono
    D: 4FX Send, 4 FX returns

    There are at least the 8 additional DCAs, 4 fx, and wedge/iem feeds unassigned, and I think a couple of matrix mixes.

    That alone justifies the request.

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    Easy to fix with scenes. Just do a store / recall of the channelstrips and you are there. Yes it takes some management but if you do decent show prepping I don’t see any problem.

    For some shows I use this solution.

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    Scenes might work in an environment where you get to plan a show, but for portable use as a production company, I have a few starting templates and move things around on the fly. We often barely get a line check before we go live in festival settings, and in church environments it can be worse than that. Any scene programming would become useless the instant I have to unpatch a couple of mono mixes and patch an extra stereo mix on the fly. I would have to update strip assignments on at least two, and probably more, scenes, which is not something that I want to deal with people waiting. It’s easy enough, but there are just enough steps in all that that it’s just too time consuming.

    I’ve been using this console in installs and in my production company for long enough to have really thought this through. There are other things on my list of wants, but this is the only one I thought practical enough to request. Many of the rest would either require more DSP, or fundamentally alter the UI.

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    Sounds like you need a GLD-112 instead of a GLD-80.

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    I’ve had the 80 since before the 112 came out. The 112 still only has 32 slots in the right bank though… so some of the same problem still exists. Moving anything but inputs or matrix sends into the left bank creates workflow problems.

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    My wish is for a spill function.
    This would add a lot of possibilities and free up positions on the normal layers.

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    As a kind of a remedy although not a fix for the desk could you not use an ipad by the side of the desk to access your extra channels i assume you have a router in the case with the desk. i have a router fixed into the case with my desk and my qu for at least this reason and mixing round the auditorium


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