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    Is there a tools you can run on your PC or Mac to monitor the ASIO port ? For exemple you can see if there is modulation on a ASIO Input/Output.
    Sometime it’s hard to find where an input channel number is modulating in output number (L/R, Mix 1, Mix 7-7…).
    I can be easy to have a visual tool to see that.


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    That is an opsys question.
    Is it PC or is it mac. And which version.

    That said there are bazillions of oddball tools out there somewhere for PCs. Perhaps mac has some too.
    You will need to do a thorough search for your needs.

    A big kludgy but perhaps you could run your output into another PC with a DAW that has that tool built in.
    Or you could fake it by sending it to OBS and using the tools it has built in.
    Or you could take the output from the Qu and send it to some tool in another device.

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    If its an A&H desk that’s your input, you could use the QU or sq pc app and see all inputs on the meters view.

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    only what is out from the Qu is on the lights

    the issue is what does the PC get **IN** (or be put out) via asio port

    We sent a solid signal to the video team and for many weeks they found a way to not receive it into their PC with OBS so streamed useless videos with no sound

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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