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    I am a new QU-16 owner and loving my first digital board! I am having an issue that I haven’t figured out how to address yet though.

    My Master Left/Right run direct to a pair of powered KRK V6 Monitors. In order to get a decent stereo recording level to Qu-Drive (haven’t tried DAW yet) I have to crank the KRKs to ear-bleeding decibels. I thought there might be a way to address this thru the multiple mix options but I have not found anything so far.

    Any advice would be appreciated!

    Thank You!

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    Either turn down the attenuator on the back of your KRK monitors or switch their signal feed from the LR output to the Alt Out output. The Alt Out on the QU, by default, is patched to output the same signal from LR. The advantage of the Alt Out is that there is a volume control on the upper right hand of the console, just below the headphone knob. Using the Alt Out will make it easy to adjust the volume to your monitors without affecting your recording levels.

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    Our first attempt at making a two track recording on the Qu 32 to a thumb drive was not very successful. The record level was being controlled by the master fader. The solution was to change the output patch to the Qu Drive from the Master L/R to a Matrix 1/2.

    This was accomplished by selecting the “setup” button to the right of the touch screen,

    Selecting the “Output Patch” tab, and then the “USB Audio” tab just below the Output “Patch tab”

    In the lower left-hand corner click on channel 17 and use the touch screen rotary knob to scroll through and choose “MTX 1 L”

    Tuen click on channel 18 and use the touch screen rotary knob to scroll through and choose “MTX 2R”…. hit “APPLY”

    A tip…. after assigning a channel, you can hit the “Fn” key (lower left below the touch screen) and the next channel will automatically advance to the next available number. NICE!

    Choose the LR mix button in the master section just above the master fader with the blue light, then hit the “Routing” button to the right of the touch screen,

    Select the “Matrix Sends” tab, make sure Mix LR is displayed (upper left) to show we are sending the LR to this matrix 1-2.

    Set the first button to “Pre” the next button “On”

    Center the pan and set the level to 0 db.

    0 db is a good place to start to get decent healthy level.

    The Matrix (MTX 1-2) master fader is on the second “Layer” It is the second to last fader from the far right and it will be your recording level master.

    To start recording go to “Home” choose the “Stereo” tab and you will see the small meters just to the left of the transport controls for record, playback and stop.

    Our last recorded effort was much better and resulted in .WAV files that were useable.

    This is how it was explained to me, I hope it helps.


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    Yes @psikes. I drive 2 sets of monitors from each of the matrix’s and assign a mute to each of them

    @TK @airickess is correct .. in studio scenario drive the Studio Monitors from ALT output.

    @psikes I also drive a 3rd pair of monitors for solo and PAFL ing from the ALT output.
    Ecepting that my recording comes from USB B and returned via USB B to channels 31/32 and feed the matrix from FOH

    Unfortunately there is no way to mono these signals

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    Hey Thanks for all the feedback! I’m going to give the alt out approach a try. I have the QU-16 so no matrix for me.

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    Alt out did the trick! Thank you!!!!

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