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    Loving the firmware 1.4 update – it’s got loads of features I’ve been waiting for.


    I decided to postpone the upgrade until after our Sunday church services, as I’m not one for jumping in rashly. However all the iPad users were unable to use OneMix/MixPad as they automatically updated themselves to version 1.4, making them incompatible with the dLive (no, I can’t demand my users turn off auto-updates on their personal iPads).

    Surely it makes sense to make sure the apps can’t update themselves into incompatibility? I should be able to go to the App Store now and download a compatible version regardless of whether I have updated my dLive.

    In future, when there’s a firmware upgrade that is incompatible with previous versions of the apps, please will you release NEW apps to the App Store, instead of updates?

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    Similar issue for me. I’m not ready to update firmware to 1.4 yet, but iPads Apps have already updated to 1.4 and are useless. Please provide a way to install previous version of MixPad and OneMix.

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    That’s an Apple issue, not A&H – iTunes provides no way of rolling back an update, so the best you can do is tell people to turn off auto update, or else explain you’ll be updating on such-and-such a date & at that stage the new apps will work.

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    Bigsounds – that’s true, but misses the point. I’m suggesting that A&H release separate apps to the App Store, so there would be an app called “dLive OneMix 1.3” and another app call “dLive OneMix 1.4”. Minor updates wouldn’t need a new app – only those that create compatibility issues.

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    Updating your console and mixrack takes 5 minutes 🙂

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    Agree with this, having the iPad apps only support one firmware version is a major pain.

    This could be particularly awkward for someone who needs to use their device across multiple systems with different fw versions. But it’s also awkward for the situation Andrew mentioned where band members are using personal iPads and find themselves unable to make monitor changes due to an auto update.

    Really the app needs to function across different firmware versions (obviously with new features available to only systems using the correct firmware) or there needs to be an app per breaking release so they can coexist on one device.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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