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    Dave Meadowcroft


    Mixing Station is a great piece of software and I fully support David in his efforts so this is not a criticism of MS or him!

    However, this weekend I had a band wanting to mix their own IEMs so I gave them the network credentials so they could use SQ4You and connect to my SQ7.
    The drummer said he didn’t use SQ4You but Mixing Station instead. I was horrified to discover that he could not only access the mixer without selecting a ‘User’ and entering the password I had set, but also had complete access to the entire desk – all mixes, including Main LR etc!

    Obviously, this is not acceptable in a professional environment. No musician would do anything destructive deliberately I’m sure, but a simple mistake such as being on sends to Main or someone else’s Aux on wedges instead of their own IEM mix could cause serious problems.

    The only two solutions I have for now are to not allow musicians to mix their own IEMs, or to go to the expense of providing devices for this myself that only have SQ4You so I don’t have to share the network credentials.

    I believe A&H have worked with David a little previously. Could you possibly discuss with him a more secure way for MS to access SQ (I assume this is the same for Avantis / DLive as well)? I’m sure he would be receptive…

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    Hi there,

    currently Mixing Station doesn’t know how to process the passwords stored on the SQ mixer.
    This is (as of now) only supported by Mixing Station on the Qu-series mixers but the SQ has a different algorithm.
    The main reason for this being not available in MS is that I am unable to fully determine how to validate the passwords.

    There are some possible ways how to handle this issue:
    a) Mixing Station checks if an admin password is set and just refuses to work in non-restricted mode. This would prevent the issue that you had but also prevent FoH users to use Mixing Station.

    b) Someone from A&H might be willing to provide some hints for me how to validate the passwords and I can implement it similar to the Qu version.

    Regardless I’ll take a look at it again, maybe I see something that I’ve missed last time.

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    Quick update: I think I found a solution, will be included in the next update of Mixing Station V2.0.5

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    Dave Meadowcroft

    Cool, thanks David!
    I’ll check it out as soon as v2.0.5 becomes available and check that anyone using Mixing Station is on that version or higher before sharing network login details.

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    I’m wondering if our problem is related.
    We have a SQ-6 at the venue.
    For the first time last week i couldnt use the mixstation app on my ipad.
    The strange thing is Mixstation asked me for the password for the first time.
    I know the SQ-6 password but it didn’t work.
    Today a touring tech couldn’t also use her mixstation ipad, password problem i was told. She had to use the house tech ipad with the SQ4you app.

    What changed do you think ?
    I dont think we updated the SQ-6


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