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    Hi. I’ve loaded the Mixing Station Qu Pro app onto my Samsung Galaxy Tab A tablet. I want to connect it to my Qu 32 mixer via wifi. But it keeps saying the firmware is not enabling connection. What can I do, please I’m not clued up on the mixer.

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    Do you know it is the Qu32 that is the problem? Or is it the ap? Or your wifi set up? or the way the tablet works? Or a driver or something else?

    Please tell us exactly what you are doing and how and what you observed.

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    You don’t give any details. One requirement is that the firmware on the QU must have the same “first two digits” as the software.
    That is, if the tablet has 1.95, the QU must have at least 1.9xxx.
    You may need to update the mixer to match the tablet version, as the latest version is usually downloaded when you install an app.

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    Mike C

    As has been said there are lots of variables that could cause your issue.

    I’ve have never used mix station but going by the QU pad app indeed the firmware of the mixer and the needs to be the build version. The current app version is 1.93 and the current QU mixer version is 1.95.

    Check you mixer firmware by going to the home screen menu or the set up menu under the utility tab.

    For you WIFI connection are you using a standard router connected directly to the mixer?
    Have you ever connected to and controlled the mixer using an iPad with the Allen Heath
    QU Pad app?

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    Susan, we’d like to know the status of your connection issue.
    Please let us know what you have discovered – e.g., the firmware version and the app version, and some details about your connection devices.

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