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    Hi, New Qu-Pac owner here. I’ve only had the unit for a few days and I’m trying to figure out how to make use of the Mix Select buttons. Not having any response at all from them I thought that maybe something must first be assigned to them for them to work but now I’m coming to the conclusion that I may have a defective unit with completely dead buttons. I’m asking somebody to confirm whether this is a case of user error or not before I contact Support or the retailer.


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    what do you mean by ‘work’?
    what do you mean by completely dead?
    did you assign anything to them ?

    just what are you trying to do and why do you think it fails?

    more details would be useful

    Have you read the manual about using the qupac?
    The mixer topography supports four stereo groups, four DCA fader groups, four mute groups and two matrix outputs. There’s also built–in compatibility with the Allen & Heath ME personal monitor mixing system.

    The mix outputs are arranged as the main LR mix, four mono mixes and three stereo mixes, which should be more than enough for setting up monitors or zoning feeds.

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    read the quick start guide

    the select buttons represent the user layer
    they are empty by default

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    So, I DO need to assign something to them first. I expected the Mix Select buttons to function as channel select buttons when in the Processing screen. I have assigned each channel in the Custom Layer Select screen and now it is functioning as I thought it should. One of the videos made this seem like default behavior.

    Sorry for the vague question, volounteer but your answer helped a lot. Thanks for your response. I promise that I RTFM before I asked.


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    glad you got your problem solved

    yes you need to assign something to the mix(s).

    the manual is not perfect but it does have a lot of information.
    OTOH it does not have all the information.
    some of the missing stuff is in other pdfs if you can find them.

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    Mike C

    On a QU Pac out of the box the green select buttons (if that’s what your talking about as mix select buttons) come pre assigned to channels 1 to 16.
    Selecting the yellow channel button on the 1-16 tab you can see the channels highlight in green as you select that channel with the button, same as if you touch that channel on the screen.
    If you have the processing screen selected what ever green select button you hit that channel processing will be on the screen, selected channel processing adjustments are done with the input knob.
    On the channel screen the input knob controls the mix levels on the selected channel.

    On the custom set up menu those 16 buttons can be reassigned to any mix or level control function.

    If needed the on board custom button/layer assignments can be saved and recalled on a scene by scene basis.

    If you need/want the on board custom layer to be accessible on the QU Pad control app go into the app settings page on the iPad and select custom layer 1 follows mixer.
    Then the custom layer that is set on the mixer will be loaded into the custom layer 1 screen on the iPad.
    If you have saved different custom layers in different scenes as those scenes are recalled they will automatically be loaded each time in the custom layer on the app.
    I’ve used that function a few times and it works well.

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