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    Hello all,

    Just wondering if anyone has a neat solution for connecting ME-1s to wireless IEMs, specifically the Sennheiser EW300g3. I understand HOW to connect the two together (with cables!), I’m just wondering if someone has a neat solution in terms of keeping the stage tidy, setup/packdown quick and transporting easily. Our IEM transmitters live together in a rack, which we currently control via iPads. I’m curious about a ME-1 solution instead.

    I saw the recent ME-1 video with Gavin McComb (FOH for Gaz Coombes), and noticed the drummer had an ME-1 and wireless IEMs. I couldn’t see how they were routed though.

    Any thoughts?


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    A nice solution would be to use some of the cable that’s out there that combines CAT 5 and audio in a tough jacket and run to your wireless rack to which you could add the MU-1 or a switch capable of powering the ME-1’s. The downside might be that those types of cable seem to be on the expensive side. Also if you want Stereo you’d have to run unbalanced to the rack which provides the potential for noise but at least it’s a high level signal which could be padded at the rack. Just a thought.


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    Has the ME-1 no digital return channels? In that case I can route it back and pick it up at my stageblock and from there to a wireless IEM transmitter. Then I have also the option to listen to the mix of a PM at FOH.

    If there are digital return channels, does this also work with DANTE?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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