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    After using the Avantis Director on a touchscreen enabled laptop, I realize how limiting the built-in touch screens are on the Avantis. You can basically only use them to select a function that you want to change, but then have to use the single encoder to make any changes. You can sweep a frequency on the parametric EQ, but that is it. Everything else has to be done with the encoder.

    In comparison, you can change everything on a laptop touchscreen by clicking and dragging to increase or decrease a value. This works on basically everything – gain, inputs, EQ, compression/gate settings, etc.

    I also would like to see the parametric EQ allow both frequency AND Q changes via the touch screen. There is not reason why the changes to the Q can’t be done on the touchscreen (this is true even with the Director software – you have to click on the Q setting and then drag instead of just using the graphical interface to change the Q).

    When the Avantis came out, I thought it must be a software limitation. But now that the Director is out and it works more like you would expect on a touchscreen, I have to assume it is a touchscreen driver issue. I know the driver is multitouch (because the routing page can require multitouch to work), but clearly there is room for improvement.


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    Chris Irwin

    Agreed – Just today I noticed that the Director app shows 1/10’s of dB on the gain when adjusting it there (which is nice to do on the touchscreen). I was surprised that the gain was at 10.8dB, since the console says 10dB (rounding to whole numebers). It’s generally not a big deal, but I have found myself with trim/gain/compressor settings etc being frustrated that I can’t get to an exact 0dB or some other exact point, and then it turns out that using an ipad you can get it there (or at least closer)!

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    +1 Fully agreed.

    I had a demo of the Avantis yesterday and this was my main gripe and frankly a disappointment to a console that otherwise seems like a winner.

    I found not being able to touch and drag the plugin parameters completely counter intuitive.
    If it can’t be changed, I’m sure I’d get used to it at some point but still… If it’s counter intuitive to me, I’m sure it will be counter intuitive to guest operators. That alone is a problem to me.

    I know that many people prefer hardware encoders to adjust settings, but since this console tends to offer users multiple ways of doing the same thing, allowing touch control over the plugins etc, just seems like a weird omission. Avantis has less encoders and larger touch screens than dLive, it seems like a no brainer but here we are.
    S21 has horrible touch screens but it allows you to use it in stead of the rotaries, should you prefer.

    I’m used to touch screens, I just want to be able to manipulate the GUI directly and have the OPTION to use rotaries in stead when I choose it’s more appropriate. I don’t like a computer dictating what kind of input device I have to use.

    Apple are making that mistake and I think A&H are making it here too.
    I hope the update it, because this console checks a lot of boxes and we’ll probably end up buying one.
    It would be a shame if this would continue to bug me.

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    Especially modifying the Q with two fingers is something I am missing a ton. Since the screens are capable of multi touch, I’d really like this being used more.

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    +1 pinch to change Q is very much needed!

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    Speaking of Q: slope controls for the shelves please!

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    +1 for multi-touch and adjusting on-screen controls via touch instead of just “touch and turn.”

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