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    Hey folks!

    We’re using a cdm32/c2500 as a live webstreaming/post desk. Currently I have my monitor path set to PAFL w/ Mains going to pafl @ 100%, while mix output to web is a Matrix that is in parallel to Mains.

    IE – Input channels–>SubGroups (Drums/Keys/Guitars/Vox/VFX/Lavs/Media)–>LR Buss (and Web Matrix in parallel.)

    This split allows me to a) have solo interrupt the main mix speakers @ mix position w/o affecting mix output, and b) use the GEQ on the LR buss to tune the listening position slightly (Small environment, only so much we can do with panels because of all the video gear.)

    What I would LIKE to do is, as I’ve done with our FOH desk, split BAND from Media/Lavs and send those things out to mix while maintaining the current PAFL structure for monitoring.

    IE –
    Drum inputs–>Drum Sub–>LR Buss (BAND)
    Rest of Band–>LR Buss (BAND)
    LR Buss (BAND)–>Matrix 1 (Mains)/Matrix 2 (Web Mix Output in parallel)
    Lavs–>LavGroup–>Matrix 1 (Mains)/Matrix 2 (Web Mix Output in parallel)
    Media–>MediaGroup–>Matrix 1 (Mains)/Matrix 2 (Web Mix Output in parallel)

    THEN – in the Surface/audio options – “Mains To PAFL,” I would like to be able to, instead of selecting MAINS as that source option, have Matrix 1 instead.


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    YES! We’re on an M7 now in an LCR configuration. I currently have it set to monitor Matrix1 by default which feeds record/broadcast the mixdown of the LCR. Having a separate matrix for the PAFL is fine, but redundant as I really just need to monitor the Matrix send. If I want to hear the mains blend, I take the headphones off.

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    This is a VERY serious shortcoming of the DLive unfortunately, so much so that it will keep potential customers from the system, especially when doing in-ear monitors and setting up comms and Talkback for the PAFL.

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    My short term sollution is having the lowest softkey set to Mix+Pafl mains, and I use this instead of the clear button.

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