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    We just purchased the QU32 for our church, most of us are super busy and volunteer as musicians and don’t have time to play with the mixer. Can anyone send me a great vocal setting that I can use as a starting point. I know voices are different, but it can help. And if anyone has one for drums as well. I also need to figure out the live streaming. So much, not enough time. Please email me anything you have that can help. Thanks

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    As you noted, every audio situation is different and therefore there is no good set of settings that always work. Honestly using someone else’s settings can easily result in worse results than simply keeping the settings stock.

    The easiest way to handle this is to multitrack record one (or more) of your church’s rehearsals and then use “virtual sound check” by playing back those tracks at another date/time when you do have time to try new settings and see what sounds the best.

    Virtual SoundCheck with Qu / SQ

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    Mike C

    You may want to look at bringing in someone who knows “sound” for some training and to help you get started. It would be worth the cost.
    Carefull who you pick though!

    Buying a new mixer will not magically fix sound problems.

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    totally understand, but right now there is really nothing set up and just wanted to have something to start with. I am sure we wont keep the exact same settings if I borrow someone else’
    s, but just to start with something. Thanks

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    A good starting point?
    Low Cut at 100 Hz, flat EQ, no Compressor.
    Thats it for the beginning.
    For the rest of the fine tuning you need some time. And at least one person needs to be familiar with the mixer. This is an absolutely must! There is no way around that, an no excuse can be accepted. It would be the same as you want to play perfect guitar without spending time to learn it.

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    There are a bunch of channel presets in Qu that can be loaded, which would be a good starting place.

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