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    Has anyone else went through the process of having deep plugins re-installed (so to speak) on a new desk?

    Basically within a day of owning my SQ5 I had an issue with one of the faders so got on to my supplier and they arranged for me to swap the desk for a new one when they had stock. I contacted Allen and heath support to see how I could transfer the deep plugins I had purchased onto the new desk and they said I should let my supplier know so that they could process it. So I did and after returning the old desk last Tuesday (nearly 2 weeks now) I have had nothing from A&H with regards to the new codes.

    I chased them up yesterday and they never responded. I find it pretty poor that it has taken so long considering it was a fault with their product and they know the serial number of the desk that has been returned and the deep processing codes associated with it.

    Don’t want to be a negative nelly considering I love the desk and the supplier was great in organising a replacement desk and these technical faults do happen from time to time, but it does seem strange to me they would make the process so difficult and annoying for the customer when it wasn’t the customers fault.

    Anyone have any opinions on this?


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    Still not had a response from them

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    KeithJ A&H

    Hi @Neil –

    As we have explained through the support system, we need to hear from the distributor before Add-ons can be transferred to the new unit.
    We have chased up the distributor from our end, as they have asked about the transfer but not yet gone through the process and given us all the information we need to proceed.

    Sorry this has taken longer than we’d all like – we have tried to make the process as easy as possible, but with Add-ons being locked to the console, we need to confirm details with the distributor when they actually have the unit in their hands and this is why going through the dealer (which totally makes sense for what is effectively an issue straight out of the box) will add to the time frame.

    We will be in touch as soon as we have the info we need.


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    Hi Keith,

    I appreciate the response. With my first outing with it fast approaching I would like to have it sorted for then.

    I’m sure you would agree that as the desk was faulty on arrival it wouldn’t be wrong for someone like myself to expect a bit more urgency and understanding in the responses from the support team via email.

    As I say everything else is great, love the new desk and greatly appreciate all the work you guys (and especially you yourself) put into creating the video content and supporting everyone on here so please don’t stop.


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    but with Add-ons being locked to the console,

    Really wish they weren’t.

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