Is the CQ right for me? Or would a Qu be better?

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    Hi, everyone.

    I have been using a Focusrite 18i20 and an additional Focusrite pre as my interface (Windows, Reaper) for a long time, with no problems. I’ve recently gotten into doing live multitrack recording of my synth shows, so I picked up a Tascam Model 12. It does SD recording, can act as an interface, as well as a daw controller. I love all of that, but I’m realizing it’s really too small for my growing needs. Tascam has other models in that line with more tracks, but they don’t do DAW control and to be honest, I’m not thrilled with the preamps.

    So I’m wondering if the CQ is the best option for me… I basically want to be able to do live SD recording, have it as a quality, low-latency interface with my DAW, and be able to use it as a DAW controller. I know I can do all of those things with the QU series, but I really like the compactness of the CQ (plus the fact that it’s newer and its EOL will be further down the road).

    Can this be easily used as a daw controller (meaning, easily use the faders, pots, etc for basic DAW functions), while simultaneously using it as an interface? I don’t plan on using it for too much FOH stuff, so I just wonder if a lot of the features are overkill. That said, the price is better than the QU, so that’s also a consideration.

    Am I also correct in assuming I’d need a separate midi interface for recording midi? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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