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    Will Qu-Pad be available to run a trueSplit screen application on the upcoming v1.9 on an ipadPro ??
    I don’t believe it is yet possible to run as a true split screen app in it’s current version…

    Also I would love to use my iPhone for very basic adjustments (not an iPad replacement) but little adjustments like Master LR /Mix volumes and various channels tweaks. I’ve read that this is currently in production for iOS ?

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    QuYou already does adjust volumes on LR and mixes but does not allow adjustments on the channels. Not heard about a third App…

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    Don’t think it can control L+R, only Mixes 1 -10….

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    Yes – unfortunately Mix1-10… However I hope the Qu-Control app for iOS which there has been a mention off, would be awesome.
    Especially if it works with an iPhone. I would be very happy if it is a carbon copy of the hardware Qu-Control functions.

    Hmmmm, Master L/R Volume / mutes / various assignable levels etc… all from iPhone .. too good to be true …

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    Maybe they should add MAIN L/R into the Qu-You app once it has been locked with a admin password… I think that would be a great idea. Especially handy when only using a couple of inputs … but then again let’s keep fingers crossed for the Qu-Control App … for the iPhone

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    Hmm – I like that the QuYou app is limited. It means that there is a high level of safety.

    If you are only using a couple of inputs then use Mix9/10 as your main mix – easy.

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    I would also like to use “true” split screen. As my bands sound engineer and singing bassist, it would be excellent to have full control of the mixer as well as my apps for lyrics on the other side of the screen. I realise that QuPad uses a lot of energy talking to the mixer, but a lyric app wouldn’t slow that down much would it?

    The Mackie MyFader app does the full (half and half) split screen just fine… But I don’t like using that desk!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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