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    Hey folks!

    So I’m a few weeks in using an ip8 as an additional bank of faders/controls with a c1500 at a broadcast station. Some initial thoughts about things I’d like to see in future updates:

    1) Unity calibration line does not match up. I know Wolfgang mentioned his started working fine after a while… ours still has not. Alternatively – a way to *calibrate* faders on that unit.

    2) Sends on faders! I’ve got mine mapped out so sends on faders are pretty easily accessible on the c1500 side, but hitting, for instance, a mix button on a vocal and having all my FX sends flip to fader on the ip8 would be infinitely more useful.

    3) Shortcut for 0/-inf (reset plus nudge up/down on any dLive surface.)

    4) Faders mappable to fx unit/compression/etc, parameters (for selected track.)

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    I am involved with Opera & Symphony and use the IP8 at a seat in the venue to manage levels, so 2 more requests:

    5) I need it dimmer than what it currently is, even to the point of allowing the brightness steps to be a range of “very dim”;

    6) “Quite mode” on faders so they move not quite as aggressive and are whisper quiet.



    @ Jay, you know, you could probably try removing the caps and putting a tiny thin piece of felt under them, then put the caps back on. Might help dampen that noise a little. …or that might just be a stupid idea. (IE – How long will the felt last before it sends little particles into the fader slot?)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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