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    I have started to use the iP6 as and controller for our conductor in a very nice way.

    He´s switching between listening on speakers and in-ears with different mixes on both that he wants to controll himself. So I programmed the iP6 as follow.

    When in In-ear mix mode the big round button recalls a scene (using recall filters) with parameters for the wedge mix instead and when in wedge mix mode the big round button instead recalls a scene with parameters for in-ear mix. So its actually just switching between to scenes to recall the respective aux send levels for each mix. So now he can easily switch between controlling the in-ear mix and the wedge mix.

    I have also added 2 extra PAFL busses and made the IEM Aux set to zero on the “IEM Aux mix to PAFL” on PAFL buss 2 and the “Wedge Aux mix to PAFL” on PAFL buss 3. Having this patched upp I am now able to have the PAFL button working on the iP6 meaning the conductor could solo a input for example in his In-ear without affecting any other!

    So far so great, I could also make a button be “Assign on/off” for that channel in that mix. Meaning he could “turn off” an input in his speakers or in-ears. Example if he wants to take something out of the mix but keep the level.

    This setup gives a lot of possibility compared to an ME1 that we used before. Me as an monitor engineer could also controll and hear his mixes on my end! Very good!

    So now to the feature request to be able to even more use this setup and be able to extend all nice things about iP units and dLives.

    1. MCA on iP 1/6/8. Imagine the possibility to add the DCA/MCA to the ip6. Then in this case the conductor could adjust a “group” of channels in his mix instead of just single channels. So adding DCA/MCA with the possibility to choose whether there should be DCA or MCA would have been really nice! Now I have to setup groups, which is a little more work to get it work as I want.

    2. When in general SETUP window under “Quick setup” tab (controlling the standard features when adding a channel) there are a lot of features missing that is able to add when manually adjusting each channel under “Advanced” tab. For example is this “assign on/off” feature not there for the general setup but its possible to use when going manual on each channel. For me it would save ALOT of time to be able to have this feature also in the general setup. As we do a lot of different shows it takes time to rebuild everything but if this would work I don’t have to manually go in an adjust this on every input. I´ll attach 2 picture showing the differents between general setup and manually setup windows.

    If those two features would be fixed this iP setup would really be fantastic!!!

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    Please add “ABCD” switching to this list. This is still not assignable to a IP device

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