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    I’m trying to adjust lip-sync on an input from a video playback machine. Adjusting the input delay affects the send of the channel to my main output, but not to my foldbacks or subs, which are run on a post-fade aux.

    I have had to work around this by delaying the input source, sending it to a direct output, and then hard patching back into the desk to another channel which is distribute to all of my outputs.

    Surely this isn’t right? If I delay an input then that delay should come before any aux sends are taken, particularly post-fade.


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    Mix sends can be taken from various points, which are able to be selected independently of pre and post fade options (unlike analogue desks).

    My guess is that yours is taken from somewhere before the delay, and that you need to alter it to the Post Delay point. The diagram in the manual shows the delay as being after the compressor.

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    This is because normally delay is the last thing you would ever want on a monitor mix. Video sync always brings up this issue even on much bigger mixers.

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    Found the setting in the routing page of the mix master strip under “Aux Send Settings”. Lots of other consoles default to taking post-fade aux sends after the delay.

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    Thanks for posting that! I’m using an Aux to send audio to Zoom, and was wondering why the compressor wasn’t doing anything. Changing it to Post Delay fixed that.

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    KeithJ A&H

    There is a diagram here showing routing points which may also be useful –

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