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    I just got an iLive system that consists of iLive-T112 Surface and two mixracks working in Dual mode: IDR-10 (as master) and IDR-48 as slave all connected by ACE. I also have two M-Dante cards.
    I’m a complete newbie with A&H iLive system, so I,m going to ask for some advise.
    I need to connect all this setup to Dante network, but I don’t want to do that only through the Slave Mixrack port B (because it’s situated far away from surface and Master MR, in rigid conditions, so in case of broken cables etc I don’t want in addition to loosing Mixrack itself to loose Dante as well).
    So I thought I could remake my setup this way:
    Master MR port A (ACE) <–> Surface
    Master MR port B (Dante) <–> port B Slave MR
    In this setup I faced some problems:
    1. The Surface (or Master MR) can control everything on Slave, I even see the sound indication on meters on channels from Slave (due to Control Network connected via Bridge on Dante Cards), but there is no audio on channels coming from Slave (65-128) (or I just didn’t found how to make Master to take it from Dante). Of course I can receive audio from Slave on Master’s channels (1-64) via Dante, and then I can not control gain and phantom power on analog inputs of Slave. Of course I can hold few free faders to patch there any Slave channels with analog inputs and control gain there, but it is not very convenient.
    2. But I also have second problem – I only achieve both mixracks to be synced when on Master MR I choose “Slave’s MR port B” (dante). Somehow they don’t sync if I choose Master MR’s port B (also Dante). In Dante I left free masters election. On Slave MR there is no Sync prefs, as I understood. I don’t like this variant very much because of possible loss of Slave Mix Rack I mentioned before.

    Of course there is an option to make my Slave MR a separate device and control it through a laptop, but maybe there are some other options I didn’t see?
    Thank you in advance.

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    As far as I remember, the master slave configuration needs the ACE connection.
    But I’m not totally sure.

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    From the knowledge base article on Dual Mix Rack Mode: “This connection is between Port-B of the Master to Port-A of the Slave, any format of iLive interface option can be used (currently EtherSound, MADI, or ACE) but if the Slave MixRack is one of the fixed-format types iDR-16, iDR-32, iDR-48, or iDR-64, then the link has to be ACE as port-A is fixed ACE in these units.”

    It sounds like you can only use the Dante cards for your dual mixrack connection if you switch the iDR48 to be the master and use the iDR10 as the slave with the Dante Card in Port A (and the other Dante card in Port B of the iDR48).

    Good luck!

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    Thank you! I will try this

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