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    Good Afternoon A&H Fam,
    So I used my Avantis on a 20day festival here in South Africa and although I love the console, I would love to address the issue of I/0 Labelling. for the Inputs, its brilling that it shows the Slink port number. However it would be ideal for the outputs to also show their desired assignment and not just “unassigned”. I am aware that this is for inputs predominantly. However, it would help to have physical outputs displayed.

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    That is not done because a mix output can be routed to any number of physical places at r the same time. An input can only come from one place. That will never change, it it the science behind audio.

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    I would also like to have that option.

    being able to label the I/O so when i patch i know where i’m patching it to.

    for example: i use Dante with many devices that are assigned to the Dante network. output 1 on stage-box 2 box is 49 on the Dante network.
    it would be ideal if the I/O could have labels, so i can mark for exepmple Stagebox 2-1, and so forth. instead of having to calculate or lookup the number.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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