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    Dave Meadowcroft

    Not an SQ thing but as I’m using with SQ7…

    Considering the GX4816 is designed to also be rack mounted, having the IEC socket on the front is a strange design decision. I’ve racked mine at the side of the stage and that poking out ready to be accidentally caught and pulled out mid show is quite concerning.

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    A couple of thoughts. The first is that a number of places (including Amazon if they are where you are) sell right angle IEC cables. That in itself would reduce your pull-out risk. Also, there is a company called Quail Electronics that make awesome IEC acbles that lock into any IEC socket. Yes, you can pull them free, but not without a bulldozer’s help. Easy to get out if you press the release buttons. I highly recomend these if you have IEC connections that just “can not” come loose.


    I’m not sure but they may even have right angle locking IEC cords. They are a wholesaler but they can help you find a retailer on your internet.


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    I think having it on the front makes sense. It is the one side that is guaranteed to have accessibility. If they placed in on the sides or back, it is likely there would be no/limited accessibility if it was mounted.

    I agree that having a locking IEC cable is probably the best option. It would be nice if Allen and Heath included one in the packaging.

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    Has nobody noticed (or read the user guide) that the GX4816 has a power cable tie on the front panel next to the IEC socket?

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    Dave Meadowcroft

    Good shout on the locking connector – I’ve just ordered a cable with a moulded one plus a retrofit one.

    Re the cable retainer on the front, I’m not so sure about that. It retains the cable but not necessarily the connector. Also, to get the cable in there means a pretty serious bend in the flex which probably isn’t a great idea. I may have been doing it wrong? I did initially secure the cable using it but changed my mind.

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    I would have preferred that A&H would have used Powercon connectors instead of IEC sockets. It would have been worth the extra Euros/pounds.
    However, I consider the cable retainers the second best solution and I use them on the console and on my stage boxes. Haven’t had any issues from bending the cable so far.

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    Dave Meadowcroft

    The IEC Lock cable has done the job nicely 😁

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    Been using the P Clip style AC cable retainer for the last 15 years at least on various A&H products never had one fall out or the cable break yet, even being bounced around in trucks, planes etc. The right angle ones are a good idea but as the XLR’s and network connections stick out at least 50mm don’t see an issue. Now if someone deliberately removes the connector whilst being used that is a security problem not an equipment short coming
    There are a number of locking IEC C13 connectors on the maket, whilst very good they do tend to be a little longer than normal in my experience, good for in the back of equipment racks where access is restricted to stop them shaking loose if there are no convenient lacing bars to tie off to.
    Just my four pennyworth.

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