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    I may be thick in the head here,

    I want to make changes to my GLD80 configuration off-line using GLD Editor. I presently have an M-Dante card installed in my GLD80. I did not see how to set up the inputs and outputs of the Dante card off-line. I was not able to tell the software that this card was installed and have the options available to manipulate. Did I miss something? Do I have to look further?

    Should I consult the extensive factory-supplied manual?

    I saved my most recent GLD configuration/setup to a USB stick and brought that home. When viewed in GLD Editor all the other config selections showed up as I remember them at the board. I am trying to set up my board for virtual sound check via Dante and simply upload it to the mixer when I return. This operation is inferred in he GLD Editor literature.

    Thank you, John

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    Hi John,

    Just to make sure I understand your question correctly, are you asking if the off-line editor will allow you to save your patch-bay routing for I/O Port In/Out to a thumbdrive? That should be possible. I recently setup my scenes for dante record and playback using the off-line editor. It is odd if your settings are not transferring.

    Are you looking to access other dante settings like clock sync? I believe you have to be working on the console to change that setting.

    Any other routing adjustments in Dante can be done using the Dante Controller software, which is always available on your computer.

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    Nicola A&H


    You can patch the I/O Port with Editor offline. The patch is card-agnostic, it’s stored in the Scene and Show memories, and works regardless of what card is fitted. For the same reason, you can patch the I/O Port on a GLD mixer with or without a card installed. If you swap a Dante card for a MADI card, your patch and Sync settings will stay the same. So really there is no reason for GLD Editor offline to simulate a fitted option card.

    On the other hand, Dante Controller only works ‘online’ – the devices you want to set must be connected in order for Dante Controller to see them.

    Hope this helps.

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    I shall try your suggestions as soon as I get back yo the board or GLD editor. Thank you.


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