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    Hello Everybody

    I have a question regarding the GLD80
    I recently am working quit a lot with this desk and so far i like it.
    There is just one thing i am wondering, is there a way to get the graphic eq on the masters separate?
    I maybe am overlooking something but i can only set 1 EQ for left and right.
    Now mostly this is not a problem but i am in few venues were the sound system is different on left and right and then it would be nice to actually be able to set 2 different graphical eq’s.
    I could work around and go LCR or maybe even through 2 matrix or heck why not i grab a analog eq ….

    So to end up my story.

    Is there a way that i missed to get 2 eq’s on the master or is it not there and i have to do a different routing to get separate eq’s for left and right?

    Thanks for your help allready

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    It is not possible to process L and R seperate in the LR bus. You can do it with a trick by using two stereo matrixes out Maxtrix 1 = Left , Matrix 2 = Right but will cost you 4 busses in the config.


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    As far as I remember you can use 2 mono matrices as well. Or am I mistaking? 🤔

    Regards, Rob.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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