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    In the next 2 weeks, our plans are to purchase a GLD 112. If there are any dealers out there, I’d be interested in knowing if the problems posted here on the forum are just anomalies or if this is a solid board. We are going from analog A&H GL3300 which is a work horse. Also, are the problems discussed on this forum for a 112 or 80?

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    I have had an 80 and a 112 since Oct. bought them for stock and to use on a live 15hr TV telethon for TV mix. Had 76 inputs across 2 systems. They worked flawlessly. I left them on solid for 4 days. Since then I put the 112/48 in a church on demo for their live TV mix booth. They have used it with me assisting and training now for 3 weekends plus weekly rehearsals. They have a Christmas special this week. We had rehearsals all weekend. Dress and taping tomorrow night (18) and show Sunday (22). I am also editing the HD production for Christmas Eve playback on local NBC station. All this to say that so far not one issue. No freezes. Not to say it can’t/won’t happen. It is a computer after all. But so far I have not had any problems. For the long show I put a large UPS backup on it for cleaner power. I had not put it on for this demo period. I decided to hook it up yesterday just in case for this production.

    I also had both systems setup at my house to test prior to the a Telethon. For about 3 weeks I was on them all the time. Left them on for days at a time. No problems. Rep sent me his 80 demo back in Sept to learn on. I worked with it for about month. Only time it ever hung up was right after I upgraded it to 1.3 and started playing with the editor. I was sitting in my chair in the next room playing with the editor connected wireless. I quit the editor without disconnecting the console. Later I went out to the room and console was locked up. I tried to reproduce that and it would never do it again. I just wrote it off as a fluke with the way I quit the editor. That was only thing I ever saw one do out of normal.

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