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    I’m currently walking into a SQ-7 that’s already configured. One of the Soft Rotary’s is routed to a master FX Send Reverb for quick access if they want verb on/off and gain control. Question is. Is that something normally done? Or should that be switched to a Master Return? I don’t know much about it and it works as is. But seems backwards to me. Thank you

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    Mike C

    For overall FX level to the mix I adjust the return levels, many times
    I’ll put the FX returns on a DCA.

    That said if I need to hit specific delay FX say repeats on one line in
    a song then I use the delay FX send level on the channel needed.

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    Rob T

    Muting the return clips the reverb tail, muting the send does not. Better to mute the send if the console makes it easy to do so (some do, some don’t, the flexible strips in the A+H consoles do)

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