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    gLive it’s a cool idea..
    Very similar hw of the actual gld (maybe with the knobs/pots and metering of the dLive) and being able to drive also the dLive stageboxes. Keep some nice 3 pots per band Eq and dedicated control for the compressors and the widget.

    Just limit it to 44/48 physical channels but being able to use the same 96k engine/processing/preamps and converters of the dLive with a non-fix bus architecture (like the actual gld or the dlive in contrast to SQ or Qu).

    A 20 or compact 24 faders version will fit most. I believe there’s no need for 2 different versions.
    Keep it compact and light, like the actual gld is.
    Great board for the price.

    You want a cheaper option?
    Go with SQ.

    Need more channels and “better” hw? Go dLive C (or S class if you need redundancy, more I/O cards and swappable pwr supply).
    Should be able to use any stagebox outthere like SQ does.



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    I did notice the other day that the GLD is no longer shown on the first page of A&H website. Maybe that’s telling…

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    I don’t know..
    I do believe it’s simply because they are “pushing” something else..
    GLD is still on the website, although not being new and probably selling less than the new SQ/dLive stuff.

    I’d love a GLD with the headroom, sound and capabilities of a dLive (even limited to 48channels).

    it will fit right in the middle between an SQ with “fixed” bus structure and a dLive C class.

    Also e payable upgrade to the ones owning the hw might be a cool route.. Being able to use the actual GLD surface.. But I don’t think this might be interesting for the brand.. They might go for a all new design or a “redesign”.



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    At this moment there is a gap between sq and dlive. On a facebook sq forum was a message that gld is official end of life. Service and parts available for about 5 years. I hope that there will come a replacment. the sq range is less flexible then the sq, less fx’s then gld.

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    Finding a new GLD-112 is hard anymore too so it could be at EOL. Several outlets have the GLD-80 at clearance pricing as well.

    I really hope that A&H comes up with something between SQ and dLive C-Class. As noted above, the SQ doesn’t quite have the features needed, and there’s a large gap between the two current platforms.


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    To be fair that is an industry wide prolem. I have been looking at options for a church and its around £7k for a complete SQ system (inc personal monitoring and other items) or equivalent (Yamaha, Soundcraft, Behringer etc) and £17K for a complete dLive system or equivalent. No one out there is filling that gap.

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    I have to say that I’m quite happy with the introduction of the SQ, because the GLD’s price, both new (if you can find it) and used has dropped a lot, and now I was able to sell my former console, and I’m getting a GLD in 10 days.

    I know a lot of you want some features like ducking and side chaining compression, but personally, I find the GLD to be the most complete small format console on the market, and I’ll be happy to use it.

    The M7CL remained hovering around the scene long after it was rendered obsolete, and PM5D too, I think GLD will stick around for a couple of years and will serve it’s purpose.
    If you want to take a look at a “still-in-production” console that’s stuck in 2012, take a look at the Si series from Soundcraft (I had an Expression).

    It would be nice if there could be a new generation of GLD’s to fit between the SQ and dLive, I have to say I was not a fan of AH for years, but GLD really made me think twice, very good programming of the UI, compressors, addons, really cool, thumbs up for the DBX160 emulation 🙂

    Thomann got rid of their GLD80 bundle stock, guess 2019 means the end for GLD production.

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    High Nicola and everybody of a&h.

    Please give us a Update about Future of GLD! I am waiting for a new GLD! I own a GLD 80 for 4 years now and sq7 is no Option.
    C-Class is too heavy! Best regards ROBBY

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