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    Im working with the QU for years now and I love this mixer.
    My desire in the future would be a Dante-QU with very reduced Analog Input/Outputs for the benefit of a really flat design.

    Imagine a desk about 5cm in height with at most a few XLRs, a 3,5mm and Dante.
    In best case so small, that it would fit in a drawer, I have often the need to place a notebook or something on top of the audio-rack.
    I dont often use the mixer without iPad, but I wont never ever miss the control panel, I would never buy a QU-SB. (I get paid to make it work 101%… )
    Touch like the QU-PAC would be OK, but in a flat design, I wont waste that much rack units if possible.

    Im working full-time in event business, most of our jobs are gala/ industry.
    I configure my audio-rack by the requirements of the job, mostly a few amps and a few radio microphones.

    Its all about space, assembly time and neatness.
    The smaller and the less cables are there, the more satisfied is my customer.

    I use a PoE adapter built in the rack of the mixer and of course a PoE AP.
    Would also be great to have PoE in the ethernet jack of the mixer.

    The only other thing Im not glad about is the media-player in the mixer.
    I think the problems should be clear.

    A thing I always need is some “lift music” to play during events.

    Thats a simple task the built in player is not really build for.

    Another nice to have feature would me matrices in QU-16, that would ease things like delaylines.

    I would also pay much more for such a mixer – price would be secondary.
    (but dLive pricing would be a little too much)

    Im very interested in the SQ, but its much too big for my application field.
    Look at the picture and you can perhaps imagine my needs better.

    Please remember, there are many profitable jobs out there without the need to mix a band…
    Another big thing are fixed installations, the QU-PAC is a killer for that in small venues!!!
    Add the features I requested and the possibility to expand it by a thing like the fantastic IP8, and Im sure you get No.1!!
    A IP8 like device would also really be great for QU and would make a SB-like 1 RU device (Core) with dante presentable…

    Only a bit food for thought, there are not only band jobs!!!
    Thank you very much for your good work and your attention.

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