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    I would love it if there were a place in the Custom Control editor where you could define variables that could be referenced by Widgets. For instance, lets say I define a variable ‘iem_mix_one’ with a value of ‘1’. In all the widgets that support a “Dest Channel Number”, I could reference the previously defined variable. Granted, this doesn’t save much time when I’m first setting up a widget. But in the event I need to change that value from ‘1’ to ‘3’ later on, I’ve saved loads of time, because all I have to do is change the variable.

    The same applies to groups of Widgets that have similar configuration values. For instance, in an IEM layout with multiple channel strips, I might have a Meter, a Fader, two dynamic labels (one for the channel name, the other for the send level), a rotary, and a button. That’s 6 widgets that all require a “Channel Number” value. I could create a variable for each channel strip group (strip1_ch, strip2_ch, strip3_ch, etc…) and then assign the value I want for each channel strip. Again, not much effort saved in the initial creation of the widgets, but there is lots of time saved if I end up changing the “Channel Number” of those channel strip components.

    Alternatively/additionally, it would be very useful if you could reference other Widget’s configuration values in other Widgets. In the channel strip example above, instead of one variable used across all components, you could reference the “Channel Number” value of the Fader widget using a path like ‘fader_unique_identifier.channel_number’.

    Just an idea and one that I’m sure wouldn’t be trivial to implement.

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    Mike Storm

    I like the idea. But check out the multiple select too if you need to change a parameter across different widgets (even of different type). When selecting multiple widgets, any ‘common’ field is editable in the attributes to the right of the screen. So in your example, select all widgets and change channel number.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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