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    I’m assuming that the dSnake output on the QU as well as the Monitor hub is a proprietary RJ45 protocol that cannot intermix with a standard ethernet switch on our network. Would this be accurate?

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    dSnake uses Ethernet layer 2 packets (hardware/Mac addresses, no ip addresses). It can use standard Ethernet switches, with some restrictions. If the switch is unmanaged, you probably don’t want to mix dSnake traffic with other data. For a managed switch, it can work with other data on the same network if you put the dSnake traffic on its own VLAN (to isolate it from the other data) — there might be some other protocols that need to be disabled to make it work properly depending on your setup.

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    Ooooh, good to know.

    Slightly related – Do you chaps concur that Cat5e STP is the minimum recommendation for dSnake (Qu-SB) – and would anything greater than cat5e, be a waste for such short runs?

    I’m looking for some shortish (less than 30m) runs so I can use an AB168 in a throw down scenario but not quite 100% on what to go for cable wise?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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