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    Hi there,

    we’re going to record a live-gig with a rented Qu-16 this saturday and i run in to a little issue.
    Since the console is rented, we’re going to record on a private hard-disk.
    So here’s my question: Since i don’t want to stomp all my data on the hdd, if possible, i wanted to know if the Qu-16 does recognize multiple partitions on an external drive?
    this way i could easily prepare a partition, that is formated according to the guidelines.
    the hdd would be an wd elements 1500 gb, wich should be ok.

    thanks for helping 🙂

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    I don’t think the QU-16 recognizes partitions, because A & H recommends formatting a drive for use only with the QU-16. Fat-32 format, I believe. They specify a only certain drives as being compatible. See this link for more info:–understanding-qu-drive-and-usb

    Sorry, I really don’t know about the QU recognizing partitions, my guess is that it won’t recognize partitions. I just followed their recommendation for getting a drive just for use with the mixer, formatting the drive using the mixer, so it also builds the right folder structure, etc and then after the gig, xferring all the audio files to my computer @ home.

    Hope this helps..


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    Your best bet would be to leave a single fat32 formatted partition on the drive.

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    first of all, thanks for the fast answers!

    yeah, the fat32 partition would’ve been my best guess how to get this working
    since our techie was able to get an additional hdd, this shouldn’t be an issue anymore
    i’ll try it anyway and post my results here, just in case someone else might run into the same problem


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    READ THE MANUAL. A USB drive needs to be dedicated to the Qu, and formatted to work. It will wipe out all partitions on a drive when you format it.

    Drives are cheap.

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