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    Hello All:

    Does the QU32 have a pad to decrease input signal, I ran into a situation recently where the signal from a Bass guitar amp was very high & even when bringing the preamp gain all the way down it was still very hot.

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    You can get an extra -10db if you use the dSnake.
    A pad appears on the screen under the phantom tab on the processing screen

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    Dick Rees

    In such situations you can either use a DI which accepts line level signals or use an XLRF>TRS pigtail at the board to feed the line level channel input. This would give a
    10dB “pad”.

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    Yes. Small short flexable convertors as Dick mentioned are handy to have on board.
    Countryman Di’s I have found really good.
    They can accept speaker level as well.

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    Local QU PreAmps are Padless, the dSnake is from the GLD series, and they do have a pad on the PreAmp.

    DIs and adapters are the other place to put a pad, or turn the actually guitar down (and tape the control still)

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    OK OK
    I’m in agreement that there is NO pad on the QU other than using the TRS in. Balanced of course… except for the guy that wants to plug his instrument straight in and change everything
    and get his AC from another plug in the room and create an earth issue

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    Sorry, I wasn’t aiming to disagree, but kind of wanted to put a bit of the QU/GLD history in as explanation.

    I hadn’t spotted the TRS as a pad option..

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    Hello Bob. Oh absolutely no offense taken.
    History is all good.
    No dissagreement at all.
    In fact the old saying: conflict is an opportunity for discussion.

    Really the AR2408 is brilliant and so is the QU
    however thats away from original post topic.

    I havent had PAD issues since I was a young guy where the snare and Kick drum mic’s overloaded mic pre’s even if I had desk gains right off.
    Used to have to carry around little pad barrel adaptors..


    ahh those were the days when I could lift a whole lot of gear in and out of a pub!

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    some years ago the rule was to put every signal through a Di box or a microphone…. no direct connection to the instruments…

    put your own devices between the instrument and the mixer…

    so you need some very good DI’s

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