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    Ben A&H

    Hi all,
    I’ve just uploaded a document covering all the different methods of integrating Shure RF devices with dLive:
    Hope some of you find it useful.

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    Bill in TN

    I have just struggled through this in the last week and got the redundant audio and control working great but then found this and wish I had it a week ago!

    However, one thing I found was that I could bridge the network port on the M-Dante card to my DHCP server (router) and everything worked in redundant mode without manually setting any IP’s on the Shure devices. Maybe it is better to set the Primary IP manually in case the DHCP is down?



    Hi @billhaberkamp

    Yes, it is possible to bridge the Dante Control Network to a DHCP server and operate in that manner if you wish although you would then need to bridge the Shure Control network to the dLive with an additional connection.

    DHCP configuration certainly offers a simpler setup, but if there problems with the connection to the DHCP server then there is the possibility – depending on factors such as DHCP lease time – of a Dante device having an IP address change which could result in a loss of audio and/or control whilst the Dante device reboots.

    Also, as you suggest, if the DHCP server were to fail during a show, you would need to change the Shure Control back to Static IP which could be stressful in the heat of battle!

    Dante’s Zeronconf (Zero Configuration Network) works well in most scenarios for the audio side of things and we generally recommend using Static IP addresses for “critical” connections within the system so you always know the IP address of any given device which can be very helpful for many reasons 🙂

    So yes, there’s more than one way to cook an egg!


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    Bill in TN

    Following up…

    Based on advice above I set the Primary on ULXD’s and M-Dante card to static IP’s. ULXD lets you set one IP for audio and another for control from the front panel. Using the ‘Dante Controller’ interface it only let me set the M-Dante ‘Primary’ port to a static IP. Unless I missed something the network port on M-Dante shares the same IP ? This does make for a more stable platform since I can unplug our wifi router DHCP device with no effect on Audio or Control.

    I let the Secondary network use whatever it liked, I think in the 172.31.x.x range, and it also works fine. With ‘Primary’ unplugged audio still flows but control is lost.

    I also set up 16 channels of Dante audio on Primary network only to a computer running the Dante ‘Virtual Sound Card’ license that came with M-Dante. That computer has Logic Pro right now and this also works well except… the computer can’t write fast enough to keep up with 16 channels. Once we upgrade the hard drive or computer we’ll send even more channels for recording.

    The A&H dLive and Dante audio network with ULXD is working our great for us.


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    Hi there, do you think if will be possible an integration with Sennheiser RF devices like the integrating Shure RF ? thank’s

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    Sennheiser integration is rumoured to be in the forthcoming 1.9 firmware, although when we’ll see that is anyone’s guess.
    It’s about a year and a half overdue from when it was first slated to be released (late 2019) so there’s much frustration as we all wait…….

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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