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    I want to use dLive director on 2 touchscreens. First will have the faders and second one the setup screen.
    Is it possible to get more faders than 12 on one screen (for example 20)?
    I cant find setup possibilty about it in manual.


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    The software mimics the desk, and has 1 faderbank up at the time. So no, unfortunately not.

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    It would be helpful on big screens.

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    So, does that mean we will never have an interface where we can see majority of the faders like iLive’s default editor?

    These are the items I’m so annoyed and not buying a Dlive system yet:

    -No full scale fader view & ctrl on a computer screen
    -No RTA function on PEQ
    -No openness to allow android platform developers to develop useful apps.

    Probably I repeated the entire forum in 3 lines.

    Give us good news.

    Thank you.

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    You can do it now with 1.42 and onwards.
    In the System menu check the box that says “WIndowed”

    That will give you the ability to put the faders on one screen and the touchscreen view on the other screen.

    I do it with my DELL XPS all in one touch with an external ACER monitor plugged in.

    FYI you can also do this with iPad/Macbook Combo (although of course MacBook isnt touch)
    Download the APP DUO and you can do split screen with an iPad plugged into a Macbook (but could also work with Mac Mini and two touchscreens)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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