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    Hi, Iā€™m currently using ilive as FOH mixer, would like to do a digital split on Dante audio network to add a Avantis mixing console for live streaming.
    Wonder what are needed beside the console and maybe Gigabit network switch.
    Appreciate help. Thanks!!

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    You would also need the dante card. The one for the Avantis I bought it on Sweetwater is 1600 bucks.

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    some cables would help as well… šŸ˜‰

    it is possible to connect both Dante cards directly but I recommend a switch
    and a computer running Dante Controller software is needed to do the patch…
    once established the patch it is not necessary any more

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    As Steffen said a switch as well as a computer running the Dante Controller software.
    I use one of these switches and it works great.

    Also, consider using the Avantis as a FOH mixer. My Avantis has been wonderful for me. It does have a learning curve but I got that down in a couple of days.
    When I use other mixers I really appreciate the “common sense” placement of controls and settings the Avantis has.
    The Avantis will not work with dante without an added dante card. I use this one.–allen-and-heath-dante-6464-64-channel-dante-option-card-for-ilive-and-gld-consoles

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    Hello Alexi,
    I have a couple of questions about the switch you described in an earlier post, the Netgear GS305.
    I, too, was looking at this switch for a simple Dante network with DT168, SQ-5, laptop, and maybe an external Dante-equipped recorder in the future. Not too much more than that. Well, maybe a 2nd DT168, but that’s quite a bit in the future.

    The GS305 is an unmanaged switch, with EEE (energy efficiency) features, as you know.
    Question: Audinate says they highly recommend that energy efficient features be turned off in switches. I have not been able to find out if this is possible with this model. Is it?
    Question: I see no pic anywhere of the back of the unit. Does the switch have any way of locking or securing the power connector, so that it doesn’t accidentally get disconnected?

    The GS305E is the managed model. Audinate does not recommend a managed switch for a basic network like mine. Are you happy with the unmanaged switch, and do you see any need for your network to need a managed switch? Can you please describe what’s on your Dante network?


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    for smaller setups the Netgear switches are very good…

    I would recommend a version with POE and 8 ports so you will be a bit future proof
    but if you’re sure that you will not need the POE feature it would be good to choose the G305/G308

    the power adapter will not lock
    EEE features are always on, but my GS308 never failed in any way
    I did some events with all devices connected and running 2 or more days

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    I do recommend an unmanaged switch. Mine basically never turns off and gives me no issues. As Steffen said maybe an 8 port would be more future proof, but my switch just plugs the dante, mixer, and dt168 in and then runs behind the walls to my other 5 port that connects all that, my internet, a midi over ethernet box, and a 2nd dt168 into my PC. So both of my 5 ports use 4 out of 5 ports and run perfectly.

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