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    In all the desks, I can touch the delay time (in the effects) and dial in the time I want in a “touch & turn” manner.
    At the moment, (V1.9) the QuPad only allows tapping for setting delay times.

    Although the band have given me some tempo settings, I have to wait for the song to start, to tap in with any accuracy.

    Please can we get a “touch & slide” working (as well) for this setting, as most other things do?

    Is displaying tempo instead of time (as an option) possible too, to save me having to convert……

    Then, can we also have, as well as just a simple link of left & right delay times, a X2, x3, x4 and x1/2, x1/3, x1/4 option too?

    Hmmm…. turned into more of a list than I thought, but the bold bit is the important one!

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