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    Mike C

    1.9 is working great for me, Qdrive control is really handy.
    Would a frequency selective de-esser be possible? I would even take
    an option just to switch a compressor into a de-esser mode. I could
    work around that by assigning the de-essed channel or channels to a group
    or groups and applying compression there if needed.

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    The group thing would leave the Qu-16 users behind…
    I would love a compressor as well

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    Al Tisco

    I would love a proper deesser as well.

    I´ve been using the following work around:

    * Activate the Ducker on the channel you wish to deS
    * Choose an unused aux send master as sidechain for the Ducker
    * Send the channel you wish to deS to the previously selected aux master
    * Adjust the master aux graphic eq to boost the S frequency and cut everything else
    * Tweak Ducker settings to obtain the desired compression

    This follows the same principle of EQ to Compressor Sidechain that large format analogue consoles have. Since update 1.9 refined the Ducker´s controls, this is now 100% efective. Can also be used to control other problematic frequency bands, such as excessive bass on electric instruments or excessive brightness on acoustic guitars.


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    Yes I’d love a De-Esser aswell and/or a multiband compressor. I would find this extremely useful and a lot of the competition have this feature.

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    Lots of ways around a desser but it could help.

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    Mike C

    Al, tricky work around I’ll give that a try, though as in the analog EQ patched into a compressors side chain when the compressor is triggered it’s going to compress the entire audio signal content.

    I guess I’m looking for something like the classic BSS DPR901 or DPR422 where it can be set to only compress the the frequency area that needs to be “de-essed.
    For those who have not used one of those you can set the frequency that needs to be reduced and there is Q/width control that will let adjust how narrow or wide of an area around the center frequency is compressed.

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    Is that Frequency dependant compression?

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    There are several sorts of de-esser.

    The most two most common, I believe are:

    1) Broadband Compression where the whole signal is reduced when a range of frequencies go over a certain level – this can be done with a side chain.

    2) Split band, where only a small band of frequencies are compressed – you can emulate this to some extent by using two channels, but it takes time to get it sounding nice and makes changes during the gig difficult.

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