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    Is there a way to disable the DCA mute for auxes while still having it mute in FOH? The bands I use the GLD 80 for all use IEMs and I would like to keep their sends live while the house is muted for pre-show communication with both myself and the other band members as well as checking instruments etc. As I see it now, when I individually mute a channel or DCA mute a channel it mutes both the house LR mix as well as all the aux sends. I would like to keep those aux sends hot. I know for certain situations that is not desirable but in mine it is with IEMs. If that’s not possible, what would be a work around? Use some unity gain groups and mute them? I assume those would not mute aux sends. Thanks for any input!

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    Probably the easiest workaround is to just bring the DCA faders down but not mute them. This will stop the channels coming out of FOH but they will still be sent to pre-fade auxes.

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    I have the same with one of my bands. I created two stereo groups (one for band, one for vocals) and took all channels off the main mix and assigned them to group Band or group Vocal.

    When i dont want the band to be on foh, I mute both stereo groups.

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    If nothing should go to the main, why not just turn off the LR bus?

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    Mark McFarlane

    You can assign a DCA group to the outputs you want to mute, rather than to the inputs.

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