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    Hi folks, anyone else had issues with their Dante cards in the desk not recognising since 1.4? I’m in discussions with another operator having the same issue as me – card works fine (in an iLive or GLD), but put it in the dLive & you can see it in Dante controller, but it won’t recognise or work with the desk… the other op found he could make it work if it was in the 1st slot of the rack, but not the desk (I’ve tried mine in 2 different dLive consoles, no joy).

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    DM64, S-5000, 1.41

    I was running with my Dante card in Slot 4 this last Saturday for a handful of I/O, no issues.

    A random item to check – is your Dante network set to sync to the desk with both “master” and “ext clock” check boxes marked on the card in the console? I’ve been on 2 different systems now that didn’t have “ext clock” marked and the Dante had clicks that were just “ignored” because the clocks weren’t locked – 1.4x may have disabled audio if clock is slipping.

    My rig is out on a rental for 4 weeks, so any additional testing is out for the moment.


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    Also just worth a check that your Dante card has the latest firmware also?

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    Another thing to check from DANTE controller, what samplerate is the DANTE card set to? This can have been changed in another surface for example.

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    Is this problem persistent or irregular?


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