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    Nicola A&H

    Inspired by the work by ThatComplicatedMidiGuy, I thought it might be useful to provide a more generic example, so I created a Config with 8 Layouts, each assigned to a dLive User Profile (with default user names) and controlling a St Aux. Each Layout has tabs to access channels 1-64, with controls for send level and pan, assign on/off (can be inverted for โ€˜muteโ€™), chromatic channel meters, master level and mute. It also displays the dLive channel names using dynamic labels.
    Hopefully a good starting point that can be customised to suit different device sizes or strip layouts.

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    @ Nicola – I dig what you did with the chromatic meters instead of the full standard meters, it’s a nice touch. I presume you’re using the row of send-assign buttons to effectively mute/unmute sends to that mix? I was hesitant to add that in my layouts, because turning the fader all the way down effectively does the same thing, and I was worried band folk would accidentally hit those. (…and then I’d have whiny band folk wondering why they couldn’t hear something.)

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    When you say 10 user logins per console, is that a combination of Custom Control/Director/MixPad or is that 10 instances of each?


    It’s 10 user logins, period. Users are stored on the console, so however you dole that out, you get 10.

    So in my case, I have: admin, band, non-redzone volunteer, Pack 1-5 (5x IEM user logins for Custom Control,) and two spares.

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    I’ve setup a user for each of our techs which recalls their scene.
    I have setup another user called Onemix, which my band log onto with the Onemix app. Within their app I have setup their designated IEM mix. I’ve successfully had 4 band members using the app and all logged into the same user profile. No issues so far.
    I’m not sure if this the correct way to manage multiple onemix connections, but otherwise I would need 30+ user accounts
    minimum, to cover band and techs.

    Does anyone have any thoughts about this method ?

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    Nicola A&H

    There is no issue whatsoever with multiple users sharing the same user profile. The only limitation is the total number of TCP connections to the MixRack (40).
    The reason multiple user profiles are required for the Custom Control ‘personal monitor’ example discussed here, is only because the design choice was to have a specific UI per user profile (each assigned to a different Aux).

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    Hi Nicola,
    I haven’t tried Custom control yet.
    In my earlier reply, I’m using a single user login for my OneMix users, and assigning an iem mix in the their app.
    Is this correct way?
    It’s working with no issues so far.

    I have 8 techs so need to have 8 user profiles.

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    Nicola A&H

    Hi Ash,
    Yes that’s correct. The use of user profiles with OneMix is simply to distinguish between Admin and user access. All users can share the same user profile.

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    Nicola, thanks so much for that config file. Very helpful! Now I just need to configure something similar for the iPhone. My users would make best use out of it if it was an iPhone app. But this is great for me to see how everything should ideally be laid out and configured. Thanks!!

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    This is fantastic – I have managed to setup a 10 Tab Layout that gives me a great deal of functionality and an extra level of control on my dual touchscreen setup. The only thing I cant get working is Stereo compressor readouts on ANYTHING stereo (matrix, groups, FX returns). It always shows up with the stripes through it no matter how many times I reboot the mixrack or upload. Is this a bug or am I missing something!! Thanks

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    Hi Nicola

    The sample you designed is great and I was able to set up profiles for all of the members of the band I BE for quickly by directly editing the XML, each on a separate user as per your design.
    My issue is that I also do quite a bit of corporate work, weddings etc. where I will have an unknown band with variable number of members on IEMs (occasionally more than 10) so I’d like to have a generic profile attached to a single user where I could select the AUX send for each user quickly to allow one-off musicians to use their phones for IEM control.
    OneMix is just too fiddly to configure on the fly for these shows as even for the same band name a bunch of different people may turn up each show and there’s rarely time available to get OneMix configured, not to mention the fact that it’s Ipad only.

    Is there some simple way you can configure what AUX all of the faders are controlling from maybe a drop down list on the last tab so it’s tucked out of the way during normal use?
    If not consider that a feature request ๐Ÿ™‚



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    Is there a specific manual where I can find how to set up the user profiles?


    Should be in the “dLive-Firmware-Reference-Guide-V1.8,” in the documents section of the Allen Heath website…

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    I wish it wasn’t limited to just 10 users, or I wish there was a way for the faders/labels and everything to follow a source selector. Thinking for IEMs. We have 11 IEMs, so can’t give each person a user account because we’re limited to 10, but also can’t create a custom control that allows a single user to login and then choose their IEM mix.

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    For everyone looking to control IEM mixes,
    I’m not sure why every single person needs to have their own user to control their IEMs but I made a single user which controls all IEMs only.

    Containers can have subcontainers, and they can be different for each page of the main edit:parent container.
    Container with two pages (Band, Vox) with 7 stereo mixes and 5 stereo mixes respectively.
    Main Container has a subcontainer with 7 pages, each corresponding to a mix.
    Subcontainer page has a subsubcontainer of 8 pages accessing approx 50 monitor input channels.

    I have three iPads running the same user (stage left, stage right, backstage) and any person can adjust their mix (level+pan) at any iPad.

    There was a bit of copy and pasting, mainly just the container for the guinea pig IEM mix.
    But once one mix’s inputs are setup it’s just a matter of copy container -> next mix -> ctrl+alt+drag -> change dest channel -> next page -> repeat for 8 pages * 11 copied mixes.

    Just don’t do what I did and try to get fancy and put meters under your faders.
    (You’ll have to select faders one by one as selecting meters means you can mass-change fader dest channels)
    Took me about six hours (including watching the webinar) from cold contact with the app.
    A&H say it’ll work with 1.80, they lied.

    Will share xml once I get back in office.

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