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    New user here, I have written a Custom Control app, and it said it downloaded to my console. But I can’t get phones to connect to the console. Often, the app doesn’t show the console on the connection page, but sometimes it does show the console but still cannot connect. Using the same wireless access point, I can control the console with the MixPad app, so I know the wireless router is working. Few questions: Is there a place on the console that I can see a list of the Custom Control apps that have been uploaded? (So I can insure it actually uploaded.) Does anybody have helpful hints on why the app won’t connect, either by typing in IP address or selecting the console from the list in the rare times it shows up? Why is it not showing up? Does it require a user name and password to connect? What are those? (ones I have in the keyring?) I tried Admin…

    Yea, lotta questions. Lotta confusion. Just, help! Please!
    Thank you

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    Hi Nick,

    First thing to check: Is all firmware up to date?

    Next thing is network.
    If the console doesn’t pop up in the app(s) it means there is an issue on your network.

    If you want to check if your Custom control config is uploaded to the Avantis, simply restart Custom control Editor and load the config from the console.

    If the config is there you can also start Custom Control app on your computer (The TCP/IP connection is there) and login.
    Be aware that Custom Control login is sensitive to upper and Lower case (Admin or admin is different!).
    You always need to logon with a username (Admin default, no password)
    You set the username and password in the Avantis (Setup>Config>UserProfiles)

    With custom control editor you create a configuration which you than upload to the audio engine, With custom control app you can download the config from the audio engine (The config has the control connections to the audio engine).

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    Nicola A&H

    When the Avantis doesn’t show up in the Custom Control app, try connecting by IP address and entering the IP address of the mixer.
    Do you get an error message when trying to connect?
    I’d also check that the Details / Properties of your Custom Control Layout don’t restrict the Layout to a specific User, Scene, or Device type.

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    Thanks, Martin and Nicola. With your help, I got it working.

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    For those struggling with getting Custom Control apps working, here are a few helpful tips. Allen & Heath has a couple of videos, about an hour long each; that will teach you to design an app. But very little info that I could find on how to get it uploaded to the console and use it.

    The keyring should contain the password(s) to the consoles you hope to connect to and control with the app. Not the passwords for the users of the app(s) you have set in the apps you have written.

    1. Login to Custom Control Editor as Admin in order to upload your app (password is either nothing, or the password you set on the console). I have no idea if and where you can look on the console to see what apps have been uploaded, or delete old apps, but you can download an app back to your computer, in order to insure that it actually is on the console.
    2. If the app you wrote has a user and user password set; add that user and password to the console in the consoles user list. I suggest removing all user permissions for that user, as they can use those credentials to login at the console, and do far more than what the app lets them do.
    3. If you try to connect on the app, and it immediately gives you a connection failure message, it is not seeing the console. If you try to connect and it tries for a few seconds, and then gives you the connection failure message, it saw the console but had a user permissions error, or a wifi network fault. If you try to connect and it immediately says it is downloading info from the console, celebrate.

    I had a bad wifi access point that caused me trouble. I was using the Admin user name and password I had set in Custom Control but not the password I had set for Admin on the console (capitalization difference). I also had written two apps, and given each a user name and password in Custom Control, but not added those users to the user list on the console. So I hope this info helps anyone having trouble like I was.

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    I’m having troubles with Custom Control. I have created an two apps to control Aux 3 and Aux 4. The layout is the same but they control different aux sends. When I upload them to my Avantis only one will work. I have created both users in the console. On my app both users do appear but it will only load the app that I uploaded last. When I try to load the other app it says no layout available. Can you have two custom apps? Any suggestions?



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